Furigana (ふりがな) in LaTeX

Furigana example

Furigana example (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some time ago I wrote a post about adding furigana using MS Word for Mac. It seems that the post has been quite useful to a few readers, nonetheless some of you have contacted me about the remark I made about doing this with in LaTeX.

So far I have helped people when they have requested help, but as I promised in that post, I have finally come to adding a post to add furigana using LaTex. Here is how:

You will need the following packages installed in your LaTeX distribution:

With these packages installed and working in your distribution, you can now use a document similar to the following:


\usepackage[10pt]{type1ec} % use only 10pt fonts
\usepackage[german, russian, vietnam, USenglish]{babel}
\usepackage[overlap, CJK]{ruby}
\noindent これは日本語の文章
\noindent Hello 
furigana: \ruby{私}{わたし}

The outcome of the script above can be seen below:


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